THE MAGNETIC FIELD AROUND EARTH ANDENVIRONMENTAL RACISMDISPLAY BOARD SIDE A1. THE MAGNETIC FIELD AROUND EARTHa. THE EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD INFORMATION AND PICTURESi. RACE, WASTE, AND CLASS: NEW PERSPECTIVES ONENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICEi. Gravity's Rainbow with Picturesiii. The Earth's Green Crown with Picturesc. EJ & NEWS PRESS RELEASES FROM AROUND THE WORLDi. The Carbon Cycle With Pictures2. MAGNETIC FIELD WITH DIAGRAMSa. LORENTZ FORCE LAW WITH EQUATIONSi. THE COALITION AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM (CAER)c. PRINCIPLES OF ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICEi. ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM AND HEALTHa. ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AND PUBLIC HEALTHi. The International EMF Project(1) w w w . w h o . i n t / d o c s t o r e / p e h -emf/publications/facts_press/efact/efs181.htmlb. NATIONAL HIGH MAGNETIC FIELD LABORATORYi. 25 Tesla Resistive Magnet Commissioned for Three Magnetic ResonanceSpectroscopes, Phone (850) 644-0311c. Earth's Magnetic Field weakens 10 percentii. Cracks in Earth's defenses lets Space Storm iniii. 6BODY ELECTRIC THE HUMAN BODY HACKEDDISPLAY BOARDS SIDE B1. BODY ELECTRICa. BODY ELECTRIC INFORMATIONi. STAR WARS TECHNOLOGYi. Star Wars searchc. PSYCHO-ELECTRONIC WEAPON EFFECTS DIAGRAMi. If you're being Stalked with X-ray Skeletonii. There are 10 measures that may save your life(1) METRIC CLAY LETTER TO THAD COCHRAN ON VICTIMSACT(3) THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME(a) MARTIN NEARMYER A PROTESTANT CLERGYMANd. UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH MEDICAL CENTERi. Research make surprise discovery that brain cells can transmit threesignals at onceii. INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ELIMINATION OF RACIALDISCRIMINATIONa. "YOUNG PEOPLE AGAINST RACISM: THE ROAD FROM DURBAN"b. THE HUMAN BODY HACKEDc. BBC - SCIENCE & NATURE - HUMAN BODY AND MIND - ANATOMY -NERVOUS ANATOMY PICTUREi. BODY ELECTRICi. BRAIN SIGNAL PREDICTS WORKING MEMORY PROWESSi. COMMON DREAMS NEWS CENTERa. PENTAGON REVIVES REAGAN-ERA STAR WARS PROPOSALi. 7b. CREATION OF MAGNETIC FIELDi. The Body Electric Sourcec. THE BODY ELECTRICi. What is electrical brain stimulation used for? And is it safe?ii. WHY ELECTRICAL BODY PRODUCTS WORKi. All Life is Electricalii. www.electricalbody.nete. SILHOUETTED INTRUSIONPage 8ILLEGAL PRIVACY INVASIONDISPLAY BOARD SIDE A1. ILLEGAL PRIVACY INVASIONa. INFORMATION ON TYPES OF INVASION OF PRIVACYi. EXECUTIVE ORDER 12472 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS FUNCTIONSi. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ON ECHELONi. OTHER MAJOR GOVERNMENT CRIMES IN COMPLICATE SOME GANGSTALKING AND ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT CASESi. NSA REPORT TO CONGRESS ON LEGAL STANDARDS FORELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCEi. MUNICIPAL RESEARCH & SERVICES CENTER OF WASHINGTONi. Telecommunications Act of 1996(1) www.mrsc.orgg. STALKING RESOURCE CENTER - THE NATIONAL CENTER FORVICTIMS OF CRIMEi. Federal Interstate Stalking Law(1) THE 500-ACRE COMPLEX OF SATELLITES DISHES IN MENWITHHILL, ENGLAND WITH PICTURE FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICMAGAZINEh. ANTI-ELECTRONIC STALKING LAWSi. MISSISSIPPI STALKING AND HARASSMENT LAWSi. DATA TRAIL - A DAY IN YOUR LIFE - HOME-TV-COMPUTERNETWORKEDAPPLIANCES-PERSONAL-FACIAL FEATURESFINGERPRINTS-CREDIT CARD-CELL PHONE-PDA- SMART CARDTRAVEL-LICENSE-GPS-E-ZPASS-BUSINESS-ID BADGE-ATM-PAGER FROMNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE2. ABOUT PRIVACY INTERNATIONALa. WWW.PRIVACYINTERNATIONAL.ORG/ARTICLE.SHTML?CMD[347]=XPage9347-65428b. UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTSi. Article 12 - no shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with hisprivacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honourand reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the lawagainst such interference or attacks.c. CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATESi. Article the sixth [Amendment IV]-- The right of the people to be securein their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonablesearches, and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue,but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation andparticularly describing the place to be searched, and the person or thingsto be seized.d. PRIVACY INTERNATIONAL - EUROPEAN UNION AND FBI LAUNCHGLOBAL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMi. RFID Connection - The ROI of Privacy Invasionf. REMOTE VIEWING - THE ESP OF ESPIONAGEi. BIG BROTHER GOES GLOBAL - ASSEMBLING ELECTRONIC DOSSIERS ONMILLIONS OF PEOPLEi. EUROPE BLOWS WHISTLE ON THAT GREAT EAVESDROPPER, THE NSAi. THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974a. THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974i. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS PRIVACY ACT UNITED STATES CODESTITLE 18. CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE PART 1-CRIMESCHAPTER 119-WIRE AND ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONSINTERCEPTION AND INTERCEPTION OF ORAL COMMUNICATIONSi. FEDERAL PRIVACY LAWi. ECHELON VIOLATES HUMAN RIGHTS TREATIESi. ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE U.S.A. ATTORNEY’S MANUALi. www.uhuh.comp/laws/elecsurv.htmf. ECHELON - CITIZEN SPY BASE - MIND CONTROL POLICEi. 10ELECTROMAGNETIC MIND CONTROL WARSDISPLAY BOARD SIDE B1. ELECTROMAGNETIC WARSa. AEROSOL AND ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS IN THE AGE OFNUCLEAR WARi. MSN SEARCH: ELECTROMAGNETIC MIND CONTROL WARSi. Web Results 13,653 containing EM Mind Control Warsc. COASTAL PORT ARTICLE - HAARP - ELECTROMAGNETIC WAR ONHORIZON?(1) DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TARGETED BY PSYCHO-ELECTRONICHARASSMENT?i. EXCUSES AND MANIPULATIONS IN MIND CONTROL - RATIONALIZINGAWAY TORTUREi. MICROWAVE HARASSMENT AND MIND CONTROL - CONGRESSIONALOVERSIGHTi. The World of High-Tech Surveillance - Watching You - No PlaceTo Hide Photograph from National Geographic Magazine(2) Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects by Val Valerian(a) Agencies such as the CIA, ASIS and ASIO should be accountable toappropriately selected committees etc. Military units, like Australia'sDSD and the U.S. DIA, should not have the right to access satellite(or other) technologies to spy on or harass law-abiding citizens;especially in their own country. Equally they should not assist foreigngovernments with 'Big Brother' systems like Echelon, except whereassisting with law enforcement activities (which they do not).(a) NEW DEVICES THAT TALK TO MINDS NEEDDEBATE, CONTROLS(i) By Eleanor White(c) U.S.A. HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS CONTINUE(d) DO YOU THINK YOUR ARE TARGETTED BYELECTRONIC MIND WEAPONS?(ii) 112. MIND CONTROL WITH SILENT SOUNDS AND SUPERCOMPUTERSa. MIND-ALTERING MECHANISM IS BASED ON A SUBLIMINAL CARRIERTECHNOLOGY AND CLONING THE EMOTIONSi. THE NEW KILLING FIELDS: ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS(1) MIND JUSTICE - 2005 UPDATE - HISTORY OF MIND CONTROL ANDELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONSi. The electromagnetic spectrum in low-intensity conflict(1) ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE BOMBS - A WEAPONS OFELECTRONIC MASS DESTRUCTIONiii. MOTIVES FOR MIND CONTROLa. RESISTING THE MIND CONTROL STATEi. TRANSCRIPTION: CATHY O’BRIEN’S PRESENTATION MIND CONTROLi. A presentation to Justice Pro Se by Phillips and Cathy O’Brienc. THE MIND HAS NO FIREWALLi. MICROWAVE MIND CONTROLi. NEWLY DE-CLASSIFIED US ELECTRONIC HARASSMENTTECHNOLOGIESi. 12ELECTROMAGNETIC MIND CONTROLWEAPON WARFAREDISPLAY BOARD SIDE A1. ELECTROMAGNETIC MIND CONTROL WEAPON WARFAREa. METRIC CLAY WEB SITE: HTTP://HOME.BELLSOUTH.NET/P/PWPMETCLAYb. RADIO SIGNALS VS. NERVE CELLS DIAGRAMi. MASS MIND CONTROL IN THE PRESENT-DAY U.S. THE BIG PICTUREi. HOW HYPNOSIS CAN BE TRANSMITTED USING VOICE-FM AND THETARGETS IS NOT AWAREi. BUS COMMAND MODULE STRUCTURE SATELLITEi. Communication antenna (3)f. IRIDIUM MULTIPLE SPOT BEAMS (CELLS) BLANKETING THE EARTH’SSURFACE (ORIGINAL DESIGN USING 77 SATELLITES GIFi. With March on Ban Mind Control Weapons pictureg. MICROWAVE HARASSMENT AND MIND CONTROLi. PSYCHO-ELECTRONIC WEAPON EFFECTSi. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS IN GUERRILLA WARFAREi. MAP OF KILLING OUR OWN BECAUSE OF RADIATION INAMERICAiii. PARAPSYCHOLOGY DEFINITION2. MIND CONTROL: AMERICA’S SECRET WARa. MANIPULATION MIND AND BODY BY SATELLITEi. GIF PICTURE OF SATELLITE, TOWER, AND HELICOPTER TARGETINGAND STALKING THE HOMES OF CITIZENSc. DEFENSE AGAINST PSYCHETRONICSi. OUTRAGEOUS GUTTING OR LAW REFERENCING MIND CONTROLi. IS THE U.S. TURNING INTO A SURVEILLANCE SOCIETYi. THE STATE OF UNCLASSIFIED AND COMMERCIALTECHNOLOGY CAPABLE OF SOME ELECTRONIC MINDCONTROL EFFECTSi. ELECTROMAGNETIC WARFAREi. MICROWAVE WEAPONSi. Brain Wave Monitors/ Analysers(1) how is it done?(a) Detecting the Weapons1) THE ELECTROMAGNETIC BOMB-A WEAPON OF ELECTRICAL MASSDESTRUCTIONi. PROJECT MONARCH: NAZI MIND CONTROL BY RON PATTONi. 14WORLD COURT AND NUCLEAR WEAPONSDISPLAY BOARD SIDE B1. WORLD COURT AND NUCLEAR WEAPONSa. THE WORLD COURT PROJECT: ARE NUCLEAR WEAPONS ILLEGAL?i. WORLD COURTS ON INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF JUDICIALCOURTi. ID=35367c. THE ILLEGALITY OF THREAT OR USE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS: AGUIDE TO THE HISTORIC OPINION OF THE INTERNATIONAL COURTOF JUSTICEi. PHOTO OF HALF LIFE THE LETHAL LEGACY OF AMERICA’S NUCLEARWASTEi. Invisible radiation Intense enough to kill in minutes emanatese. PHOTO OF NUCLEAR REACTOR AT THREE MILE ISLAND FORMNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. Partial meltdown and closure in 1979f. LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY IN NEW MEXICO RUSTINGDRUMS PHOTO FORM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE.i. Shielded by radiation-proof glass at Rocky Flats (facing page),dismantles plutonium triggers for bombsg. HANFORD. WA - CIRCLES MARK THE SPOTS OF FOUR DOUBLEWALLEDUNDERGROUND TANKS THAT HOLD RADIOACTIVE WASTEFORM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE.i. Hanford’s to 1989. In all, 177 tanks hold 53 million gallons destined forvitrification in glass. Hanford houses the nation’s largest concentrationof high-level nuclear wastes.h. NRDC: NUCLEAR NOTEBOOKi. Global Nuclear Stockpile, 1945-20022. NUCLEAR WEAPONS-FREE ZONES:a. NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT AND NON-PROLIFERATIONi. WORLD COURT PROJECT UK DECLARATIONS FOR A NUCLEAR-FREEWORLDi. George Farebrother ( THE TWENTIETH CENTURY’S DEADLY YIELD PHOTOPage 15i. National Geographic, November 2002 - Weapon of Mass Destructiond. NUCLEAR WASTE FROM BIRTH TO BURIALi. The Route to Yucca Mountaine. PADUCAH, KYi. Some 38,000 cylinders of depleted uranium, many in poor condition,lie outside the Plant, a center for nuclear-fuel processing.3. 50 FACTS ABOUT U.S. NUCLEAR WEAPONSa. Cost of the Manhattan Project (through August 1945): $20,000,000,000i. WORLD COURT DEMANDS NUCLEAR DISARMAMENTi. STATUTE OF THE WORLD COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTSi. 4) CONDEMNS militarization;ii. 5) ESTABLISHES the remedy of WORLD HABEAS CORPUS;iii. 9) IMPLEMENTS(1) freedom from arbitrary imprisonment, torture, physical orpsychologicald. WORLD COURT SAYS MOSTLY NOW TO NUCLEAR WEAPONSi. THE WORLD COURT’S NEAR PERFECT ADVISORY OPINION IN THENUCLEAR WEAPONS CASEi. Notes on the Decision - WORLD COURT NOW A REALITY WILL SUPERSEDE NATIONALSOVEREIGNLY, EVEN OF COUNTRIES REFUSING TO RATIFYi. ID=27180Page 16COINTELPRO WAR ON CIVILIANSDISPLAY BOARD SIDE A1. COINTELPRO WARa. COINTELPROi. Cointelpro is an acronym for a series of FBI counterintelligenceprograms designed to neutralize political dissidents.(1) FBI’S WAR ON BLACK AMERICAi. We knew there was a conspiracy - (that) involved the FBI, CIA andthe White House. Kathleen Cleaverc. COINTELPRO - FBI Domestic Intelligence Activitiesi. MSN SEARCH: COINTELPROi. Web Results 44,517 containing COINTELPROe. INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES AND THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANSi. The over breadth of Domestic Intelligence Activity(1) INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES AND THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANSi. Using Covert Action To Disrupt And Discredit Domestic Groups(1) INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES AND THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANSi. National Security Surveillance Affecting Americans(1) COINTELPRO - FBI DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIESi. COINTELPRO Revisited - Federal Bureau Intimidationii. SUPPLEMENTARY DETAILED STAFF REPORTS ON INTELLIGENCEACTIVITIES AND THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANSi. Improper Surveillance of Private Citizens By The Military(1) COINTELPRO in the 90s -War at Homei. COINTELPRO WAR ON CIVILIANS - SPYING & DISRUPTIONPage 17a. Cointelpro nessie says it is alive and kicking under different names(1) Its most disturbing manifestation of late has been moves by federalgovernment to strengthen the ability of local police departments toconduct espionage, surveillance, and similar operations againstdissident political groups.(a) COINTELPRO - US DOMESTIC COVERT OPERATIONSi. Harassment Through Psychological Warfareii. Jury’s message to feds in $4.4 million verdict for Judi Bari andDarryl Cherney(a) COINTELPRO DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES REVISITED -MUMIA’S COINTELPRO FILEi. Cointelpro The Danger We Face(1) COINTELPRO - WIKIPEDIA, THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIAa. HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/COINTELPROi. COINTELPRO STILL LIVES(1) Cointelpro has not gone anywhere. It has taken on a new name andhas been put in place through this government’s administrative andjudicial reinterpretation and legislation to restrict our access togovernment documents through the Freedom Of Information Act.(a) A SHORT HISTORY OF FBI COINTELPROi. Cointelpro: The Untold American Story - Table of Contents-Overview(a) Victimization, Cointelpro Techniques, Murder andAssassination, Agents Provocateurs, The Klu Klux Klan,The Secret Army Organization(i) SUPPLEMENTARY DETAILED STAFF REPORTS ON INTELLIGENCEACTIVITIES AND THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANSi. COINTELPRO: the FBI’S covert action programs against americancitizens(1) 18mii. COSMIC COINTELPRO TIMELINE(1) LEFT SIDE OF DISPLAY BACK SIDEa. SECURITY PRACTICES AND SECURITY CULTUREi. From “COINTELPRO: The Danger We Face”(1) COINTELPRO IN THE 80'S WAR AT HOME(a) RIGHT SIDE OF DISPLAY BACK SIDEa. CASE OF DENNIS CUNNINGHAMi. Plaintiffs offer of proof regarding FBI Misconduct(1) COINTELPRO THE NAKED TRUTH(a) Agents of Repression - The FBI’s greatest hits(a) 19TORTURE & BIO TERRORISMILLEGALITY THREATSDISPLAY BOARD SIDE A1. TORTURE & BIO TERRORISMa. ELECTRICITY: THE GLOBAL HISTORY OF A TORTURE TECHNOLOGYi. MSN SEARCH: “UN CONVECTION” AGAINST TORTUREi. Web Results 23,386 containing UN Convention Against Torturec. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS REGARDING CBPPROCEDURE UNDER THE BIOTERRORISM ACT (BTA)i. The Public Health Security Act and Bioterrorism Preparedness andResponse Act of 2002, commonly known as the “Bioterrorism Act”.(1) Inhuman Profit Photographs National Geographic Magazine(2) Site Security and Bio-Terrorism(a) Environmental Protection Agency entitled - “ChemicalAccident Preventiond. BROKEN PROMISE & STOPPING TRAFFIC PHOTO’S FROM NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. Countries where slavery is legalii. Countries that activity prosecute trafficking in human beings as aserious crimee. TORTURE IN THE UNITED STATESi. Arms Sales and other Assistance by The U.S. Government thatSupports Torturef. 10 WAYS TO WAR PROOF YOUR LIFE ARTICLE AND PHOTOg. BIO-TERRORISM INTERVENTIONi. ILLEGALITY THREATSa. UN CONVECTION AGAINST TORTUREi. Submission in support of convention against Torture Petition (InvolvesThreat of FGM in Mali) Posted On Feb. 3, 1999(1) TORTURE WORLDWIDE HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, APRIL 27, 2005i. Torture Worldwide(1) NEW IMPORT REGULATIONS– THE BIOPage20TERRORISM ACT OF 2002(i) ONE HUNDRED SEVENTH CONGRESS OF THE UNTIED STATES OFAMERICAi. H.R.3448 at Second Session(1) MEMO OFFERED JUSTIFICATION FOR USE OF TORTURE(a) Torture Prohibited by International Law3. NWO TORTURE WARE VER.6.66 PROGRAMa. 1998 #5 CENSORED STORYi. United States companies are world leaders in the Manufacture ofTorture devices for internal use and exportb. SATANIC AND MICROWAVE TORTURE OF A CHRISTIANi. Bio-Terrorismc. TOMDISPATCH - TOMGRAM: ALFERD MCCOY ON THE CIA’S ROAD TOABU GHRIAIBd. The Hidden History of CIA Torture:i. The Legal Prohibition Against Torture(a) RCT INTERNATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNCIL FOR TORTUREVICTIMSi. NAFA Position Statement on Bio-Terrorism(1) Using ASHRAE Standard 52.2 in Preparedness for BioterrorismPage 21PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS & WARFAREDISPLAY BOARD SIDE A1. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONSa. U.S. ARMY “PSYOPS” SPECIALIST WORKED FOR CNNi. MSN SEARCH: PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFAREi. 72,517 Web Result Psychological warfarec. Psychological Operations (PSYOP), I/O, & Psychological Warfarei. The Chronicle Review: Mind Games: Psychological Warfare BetweenTherapists and Scientists(1) Units and agencies organizations and source that can assist psyopsefforts diagram(1) PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE OPERATIONS(a) CHANDRA X-RAY OBSERVATORY PHOTO FROM NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. Unlike satellites such as hubble that circle the planet every 90minutes, Chandra orbits earth every 2.6 years. X-rays are photons oflight with extremely short wavelengths within the electromagneticspectrum.e. GEOGRAPHICAL - IN THE LINE OF FIRE PHOTO NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. First global lightning map reveals high-strike zonesf. PSYCHOLOGY DEFINITIONi. OSS - DEVELOPMENT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFAREi. FM 34-36 CHPTR 7 - INTELL & ECTR WRAFE SUPP TO PSYCHOLOGICALOPSi. WARFARE IN MIND THE BODY ADJUST OR DIE PHOTOFROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEa. A FRAGILE ORGAN THE BRAIN IS A SENTINELi. It’s the organ most sensitive to environmental changes say’s PeterHackett. The brain burns up to 15 percent of the body’s oxygen. ThisPage 22view of a healthy brain shows areas that fail under low oxygen.Impaired memory and reasoning signal a neuro-transmitter dysfunctionin the frontal lobe. Plasma leakage from the corpus callosum, a risk ataltitude, creates internal pressure. A staggering gait suggests that thispressure has affected the cerebellum, site for balance control.b. PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE OPERATIONSi. U.S. public law prohibits the use of psyops on its forces or populace!(1) Psychological Warfare Operations- Psyopsiii. Illegal used in operation lightning strikec. HISTORY OF PSYOPi. Psyops In Fourth Generation War(a) NSA MIND CONTROL AND PSYOPSi. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS INFOCON MAGAZINE(1) PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS/WARFAREa. “Capture their minds and their hearts and souls will follow”i. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS IN GUERRILLA WARFARE(1) PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFAREi. Executive Summary commander’s overviewiii. Provides an Overview of Psychological - Operation (Psyop)c. COMMUNIST PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFAREi. NSA MIND CONTROL AND PSYOPS(1) PREVALENCE OF MENTAL DISORDERS CHARTi. Schizophrenia and related disorders, Mania, Panic Disorder,Antisocial personality disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Simplephobia, Social Phobia, Major DepressionSPACE LAW & LAWYERS & SATELLITESDISPLAY BOARD SIDE B1. SPACE LAWa. RESOLUTION ADOPTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLYi. ELECTRONIC WATCHDOGS PHOTO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICMAGAZINEi. How do you secure 6,000 miles of border? For many years in the UnitedStates, the answer has been: You don’t. There’s too much terrain andtoo little manpower to stop people intent on getting in. Now things likemotion senors, remote controlled cameras, night-vision devices andsurveillance satellites are helping to change that equation.c. UNITED NATIONS & NATIONS UNIES, VIENNA INTERNATIONAL CENTREi. UN/ESA Workshops on Basic Space Science organized through theProgramme on Space Applications of the United Nations Office forOuter Space Affairs.ii. Of the 191 countries the are Member States of the United Nation,“nearly 100 have professional or amateur astronomical organization.d. SERVICE ON THE FLY PHOTO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. Hubble was built to the turned up in orbits. But it wasn’t designed forthe major overhaul NASA astronauts undertook during its fourthservicing mission.e. DEEP FIELD SOUTH PHOTO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. Distant space may hold many more black holes than once thought, asindicated in this x-ray image, one of the deepest ever made.f. EYE ON INFINITY -IF JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER NASA’S HUBBLESPACE TELESCOPE. THE SATELLITE ORBITS EARTH EVERY 97 MINUTESAND SENDS BACK EXQUISITE VIEWS OF A COMPLEX UNIVERSE.g. OUTER SPACE TREATY TREATY TEXTi. Space Satellites- 1961 information from Microsoft Corporation Encarta2004 Encyclopedia Deluxeiii. MSN SEARCH: SPACE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LAWYERS(1) 66,266 containing Space Telecommunication Lawyersiv. Writing the rules to govern the cosmos - Christian Science Monitor(1) GEOGRAPHICAL MAPPING DISASTER CARTOGRAPHY PHOTOFROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEa. Government planes used LIDAR–a kind of 3-D laser radar– to gauge rubble heightPage 24at ground zero. A satellite view showed the smoke plume’s drift on September 15.Thermal scans of underground fires layered upon green building outlines helpedrescuers avoid danger.b. SATELLITE INMARSATi. SATELLITE INTELSATi. Reagan Administration’s Strategic Defense Initiative the “Star War”plan for defense against Nuclear– Space Limps Into Orbit from EncartaEncycl.d. NEW BEGINNINGS PHOTO FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. In one of the first images from Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys,newborn stars shine at the summit of the Cone Nebula, 2,500 light-yearsfor Earth from national geographic magazine.ii. Second Military Mission, New Shuttle3. SATELLITES VIEW SUPERNOVA PHOTO FROM NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEa. A STAR EXPLODES. DEBRIS AND ENERGY BLAST OUT AND GLOW ASBRIGHTLY AS BILLIONS OF SUNS. A SUPERNOVA REMNANT IS BORN.i. Few events in the universe top the drama of a supernova, the explosivedeath of a star. Stars known as white dwarfs may accrete matter froman orbiting companion and explode as the result of a runaway nuclearreaction from national geographic magazine .b. ECHO OF LIGHT SPACE PHOTO FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICMAGAZINEi. First a mysterious brightening was seem from Earth. Months later, inthe phenomenon known as a light echo, shown here, a wave ofillumination swept out into the dust cloud surrounding the star V838Monocerotis from national geographic magazine.c. ALL AUDIBLE SOUND COMES FROM POINT OF IMPACT WHICH MAY BEA LIVING THING– PERSON, BIRD, ETC.i. Acoustic Heterodyne- American technologies Corp.d. EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY WILL CELEBRATE SPUTNIKi. 50 Satellites on the 50th Anniversary(1) DEFINITION OF SATELLITE, ARTIFICIAL -SINCE THE LAUNCHING OF THEFIRST ARTIFICIAL SATELLITE IN 1957, THOUSANDS OF THESE “MANMADEMOONS” HAVE BEEN ROCKETED INTO EARTH ORBIT.i. Today, artificial satellites play key roles in the communications industry,in military intelligence, and in the scientific study of both Earth andOuter Space.(1) Unclassified satellite Tracking Human Implant System(a) 25CYBERNETICS & MIND CONTROLMICROCHIP IMPLANTSDISPLAY BOARD SIDE A1. CYBERNETICS & MIND CONTROLa. HISTORY OF MIND CONTROLi. MSN SEARCH: MIND CONTROL CYBERNETICSi. Web Results 21,365 containing Mind Control Cyberneticsc. CYBERNETICS - ONE DEFINITIONi. HIGH TECH MEET MARKET FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICMAGAZINEi. Counter-terrorism at Brookhaven National Laboratorye. IS THE BIOCHIP THE MARK OF THE BEASTi. MICROWAVES AND MIND CONTROLi. GENERAL RESOURCES ON EXPERIMENTS ON HUMANSi. MINDCONTROL - NEUROPHONEi. CYBERNETICS - JACKBLOOD.COM IMAGEa. NWO TORTURE WARE VER 6.66 imagei. Psycho-Electronic Weapon Effectsb. LISITSYN’S REPORT: BRAIN CODE BROKENi. New Approach to the Analysts of Electronic hologramsc. Quantum hologramic bio-cyberneticsi. Stop the Attack! Find out if You Are Chip Implanted andNeutralize the Chip! Make it Malfunction Permanently!(a) TIFFT DITCH - CITY OF TOLEDO, OHIOa. FORMER NEURO-INFLUENCE MICROWAVE HARASSMENT SITE MAPb. A PEEK INSIDE THE JOINT NON-LETHAL WEAPONS DIRECTORATE’SCHEMICAL WEAPONS PROGRAMPage 26i. The Sunshine Project www.sunshine-project.orgc. PULSE GENERATOR-DIGITIZER-ANTENNAS-PC WORKSTATION IMAGEd. COVERT TESTING OF ELECTRONIC WEAPONS ON INNOCENT CIVILIANIN THEIR COMMUNITIES AND HOMES IS ILLEGAL, AND IS NOTNECESSARY FOR NATIONAL SECURITY.i. and CYBERNETICS PROF IMPLANTS CHIP IN HIS OWN BODY(a) & NEURO-SCIENCEDISPLAY BOARD SIDE B1. NANOTECHNOLOGYa. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT NANOTECHNOLOGYi. MSN SEARCH: NEUROSCIENCE & NANOTECHNOLOGYi. Web Results 50,418 containing Neuroscience & Nanotechnologyc. NINDS COUNTER-TERRORISM AND NEUROSCIENCE WORKSHOPi. Center for Neural Communications Technology Organization(a) CNCT- Extensions of Micromachined Electrode Technologyd. NANOTECHNOLOGYi. PHOTO BODY CHECK -FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION HAS BEEN USEDTO SOLVE CRIMES SINCE THE DAYS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, FROMNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. In 1999 when the FBI began using a networked system that letsauthorizes search 46 million sets of prints within minutes.f. PHOTO SNIFFING OUT STOWAYS - NEW SOLUTIONS FREQUENTLYBEGET NEW PROBLEMS, AND THE CHANNEL TUNNEL CONNECTINGFRANCE AND GREAT BRITAIN WITH NO EXCEPTION.g. GCELLULAR IMAGING - THE GLOW-IN-THE-DARK BRAIN ARTICLE WITHPICTURE FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEPage 27i. A technology that can see through solid surfaces by measuringreflection of natural background radiation.(1) Brought to you by a jellyfishh. WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE SILENTLY HYPNOTIZED? OR KEPT IN PAINBECAUSE YOUR NEIGHBOR DOESN’T LIKE YOU? OR VIEWED IN THEBUFF THRU YOUR WALLS? WITH IMAGE FROM NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. Time to get serious about neuro-electromagnetic weapons andsurveillancei. MAKING THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE WITH IMAGE FROM NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. The future warrior invades Bostonj. HERE LIES THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS & FREEDOMSi. b. Apr 17, 1982ii. d. Late 20th Cent of public apathy towards electronic mind weapons2. NEURO-SCIENCEa. MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE - CITY OF TOLEDO, OHIOi. Neuro-influence Microwave Harassment Center of Activity 1998 Mapb. URBAN EXPLOSION MAPi. New World Orderc. VOICE-TO-SKULL SPEECH PROCESSORi. v2ssp.cdr/v2ssp.gifd. INSIDE NANOTECHNOLOGYi. CITY OF TOLEDO, OHIOa. FORMER NEURO-INFLUENCE MICROWAVE HARASSMENT SITE MAPb. TOWERS OF ILLEGAL PRIVACY INVASION GIFc. BRAINWAVE DETECTOR OF SOME YEARS AGO IS ILLUSTRATED HEREIN IMAGEi. ECHELON IMAGE WITH SATELLITES AND TOWERSe. MSN SEARCH: GOVERNMENT NANOTECHNOLOGYi. Web Results 59,518 containing Government Nanotechnologyf. ADVANCES IN NEUROSCIENCE MAY THREATEN HUMAN RIGHTSi. 28DISABILITIES RIGHTSDISPLAY BOARD SIDE A1. FORGOTTEN CRIMES - A REPORT BY DISABILITY RIGHTSADVOCATESa. In the postwar world, Auschwitz come to symbolize genocide in the TwentiethCentury.i. MICROWAVE NEWS, JANUARY-FEBRUARY 1996i. RF Weapons – Disabling People and Electronics(1) HUMAN RIGHTS OF PERSON WITH DISABILITIESi. United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights(1) PHR STATEMENT ON MENTAL DISABILITY RIGHTSi. Physician for Human Rights is proud to join today with leadingrepresentative of the US civil rights and disability Rights.(1) AlterNet - Busting the Social Security Mythsi. AlterNet - Blaming Black Meni. How to Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act:i. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(a) AlterNet Social Security Suicidei. UNITED NATIONS - GENERAL ASSEMBLYi. Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons withDisabilities(1) THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT OF 1990, TITLES 1AND Va. THE U.S. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSIONi. THE REHABILITATION ACT OF 1973 SECTION 501 AND 505c. A/RES/37/52 World PROGRAMME OF ACTION CONCERNING DISABLEDPage 29PERSONSi. UNITED NATIONS - GENERAL ASSEMBLYi. A/res/37/52 World Programme of Action concerning Disabled Persons(1) ADVANCING CIVIL RIGHTS FOR PEOPLE WITHDISABILITIES PROFILE OF DREDFa. THE MISSION: TO SECURE AND ADVANCE THE CIVIL RIGHTS OFPEOPLE WITH DISABILITIESi. Principles for Protection of Persons with Mental Illnesses and theImprovement of Mental Health Care. G.A. res.46/119,46 U.N.GAOR Supp. (No.49) at 189, U.N. Doc. A/46/49 (1991).(a) UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTSi. on disability(1) Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Personswith Disabilities, A/RES/48/96, 85th Penary Meeting 20 December1993.(a) AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACTi. Disability Discrimination(1) Article 22 – Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to socialsecurityPage 30STAR WARS ILLEGAL EXPERIMENTATIONSDISPLAY BOARD SIDE B1. STAR WARS ILLEGAL EXPERIMENTa. PRINCIPLES OF THE NUREMBERG TRIBUNAL, 1950i. JOHN GLENN’S INTRODUCTORY REMARKS ON THE HUMAN SUBJECTPROTECTION ACTi. U.S. HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE REPORTi. MILITARY RECONNAISSANCE SATELLITESi. STAR WARS LASERS HELD ABLE TO INCINREATE CITIES - LAT1/12/86i. INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THE MILITARY USES OF SPACEi. INTERNATIONAL PHYSICIANS FOR THE PREVENTION OF NUCLEARWARi. US CODE: TITLE 50,152A. RESTRICTIONS ON USE OF HUMANSUBJECTS FOR TESTING OF CHEMICALi.—a000-.htmli. STAR WARS– ANTI-BALLISTIC MISSILE TREATYi. ILLEGAL EXPERIMENTATIONSa. THE HUMAN COST OF AMERICA’S WAR ON TERRORi. Illegal experimentation on human proof of anti personneltechnologies developed through illegal experimentation(a) ADVANCED ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS TECHNOLOGY-YETANOTHER CLASSIFIED EXPERIMENT PROGRAM IN ADDITION TORADIATION EXPERIMENTS.i. Psycho-Acoustic Projector, US patent#3,566,347iii. Methods & Systems for Altering ConsciousnessPage 31iv. Silent Subliminal Messagesv. Brainwave Scanners/Programsc. U.S. HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE REPORTi. Report of Prison Experimentation(1) Mind Control Neurophone(a) Star Wars – Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty(b) THE INVISIBLE WAR:a. DEPLETED URANIUM AND THE POLITICS OF RADIATIONi. Human Subjects legislation(1) PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS ACT 2000i. STATEMENTS ON INTRODUCED BILLS AND JOINT RESOLUTIONSd. HUMAN RESEARCH SUBJECT PROTECTION ACT(1) U.S. HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE REPORTi. Nonconsensual Classified Government Experimentation(a) Reagan Administration Strategic Defense Initiative, the“Star Wars” plan for defense against nuclear Missiles.(i) Spacelab Limps Into Orbit from Encypl EncartaPage 3224 TREATIES ON THE PROTECTION OF CIVILIANSDISPLAY BOARD SIDE A1. 24 TREATIES ON THE PROTECTION OF CIVILIANSa. UN CONVECTION AGAINST TORTUREi. UNITED NATIONS -TREATY COLLECTION FOCUS 2004-LIST OFTREATIESi. CONVECTION ON GENOCIDEi. DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILDi. UN COVENANT OF CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTSi. CONVENTION FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF TH E TRAFFIC IN PERSONSi. OFFICE OF LEGAL AFFAIRS CODIFICATION DIVISIONi. Convention on the safety of united nations and associated personnel(1) CONVECTION ON THE ELIMINATION OF ALL FORMS OFDISCRIMINATIONS AGAINST WOMEN (CEDAW)i. PROTOCOL RELATING TO THE STATUS OF REFUGEES, 606 U.N.T.S. 267ENTERED INTO FORCE OCT. 4, 1967.i. RIGHT SIDE OF THE DISPLAY OF HUMAN RIGHTSa. CONVENTION (IV) RELATIVE TO THE PROTECTION OF CIVILIANPERSONS IN TIME OF WAR. GENEVA, 12 AUGUST 1949.i. Rome Stature of the International Criminal Court(a) INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ON THE ELIMINATION OF ALL FORMSOF RACIAL DISCRIMINATIONi. Protocol Against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air,Supplementing the United Nations Convention AgainstTransnational CrimePage 33(a) PROTOCOL RELATING TO THE STATUS OF REFUGEES, 606 U.N.T.S 267,ENTERED INTO FORCE OCT. 4, 1967,i. SIDE LEFT OF THE DISPLAY BOARD ON PROTECTION OFCIVILIANSa. THE UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON ECONOMIC,SOCIAL AND CULTURAL RIGHTSi. Protocol Pervent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons’(a) OPTIONAL PROTOCOL TO THE CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THECHILDi. UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION AGAINST TRANSNATIONALORGANIZED CRIME, G.A. RES. 25, ANNEX I, U.N. GAOR, 55TH SESS,SUPP. NO. 49, AT 44, U.N. DOC. A/45/49 (VOL. I) (2001), NOT IN FORCE.i. THE BACK SIDE OF THE RIGHT SIDE ON PROTECTION OFCIVILIANSa. OPTIONAL PROTOCOL TO THE INTERNATIONAL COVENANT OF CIVILAND POLITICAL RIGHTSi. OPTIONAL PROTOCOL TO THE CONVENTION ON THE ELIMINATIONOF DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN, G.A. RES. 54/4, ANNEX, 54 U.N.GAOR SUPP. (NO. 49) AT 5, U.N. DOC. A/54/49 (VOL. I) (2000), ENTEREDINTO FORCE DEC. 22, 2000.i. Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale ofchildren, child prostitution and child pornographyi. THE BACK SIDE OF THE LEFT SIDE ON PROTECTION OFCIVILIANSa. INTERNATIONAL CONVECTION ON THE PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTSOF ALL MIGRANT WORKERS AND MEMBERS OF THEIR FAMILIESi. CONVENTION RELATING TO THE STATUE OF STATELESS PERSONS,360 U.N.T.S. 117, ENTERED INTO FORCE JUNE 6, 1960Page 34i. CONVENTION ON THE REDUCTION OF STATELESSNESSi. UNDER THE SKIN RAPESDISPLAY BOARD SIDE B6. ILLEGAL UNDER THE SKIN RAPESa. FDA IRB INFORMATION SHEETS–21 CFR PART 50 - PROTECTION OFHUMAN SUBJECTSi. FOR FURTHER IN-DEPTH RESEARCH ON FREQUENCY WEAPONSi. CORE OF RAPEi. ONE U.S. SHELTER HAS RESCUED 10,000 CHILDPROSTITUTE PHOTO FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICMAGAZINE(a) CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD(a) 3/4 A MILLION CHILDREN MISSING A YEAR THAT 750,000 PER YEARi. The Amber alert for missing children activated seems to me it shouldbe going off 1/4 times per minute of 85 per hour of 2054 per day or61620 per month.e. CHILDREN AND FEAR OF WAR AND TERRORISMi. National Association of School Psychologistsf. WHAT’S IN SKIN PHOTOS FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. Essential as brain and heart, the skin is the largest organ in the humanbody. It lies in three layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat.These integrated layers signal the brain to enact various physiologicalfunctions.g. CHILD ABUSE SEARCHPage 35i. The Killer Within articles from national geographic magazineh. MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING MRI PHOTO’S FROM NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINEi. This composite of ten magnetic resonance scans of an 18-year-old revealsthe fragile nature of the organism that resides beneath human skin.Without skin as a barrier, our insides could not survive the hostile worldof bacteria, viruses, temperature swings, and ultraviolet radiation.Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) joins x-rays, ultrasound. And CTscans as a diagnostic tool doctors can use to see through skin, which theyonce could breach only with blades. They can peer into the centralnervous system to investigate stroke, evaluate muscle and jointabnormalities, such as an athlete’s torn ligament, even detect vascular,or blood vessel, disease.Page 36